The Quest for Happiness

1. General Health

          Health Myths



          Cold Exposure

          Benefits of Sunlight


          Uric Acid

          Mind-Body Medicine

          Vitamin K2

          Leaky Gut


          Food and Inflammation


          Eye Health


          The Benefits Of Regular Exercise

           Pain Management

           Dementia - How To Prevent

           Insulin Resistance

           How Can We Fight Insulin Resistance

           How To Prevent Illness By Food

           Intermittent Fasting

           Nitric Oxide

2. Mental Health

          Quest for Happiness

          PTSD and PTG

          Gratitude Practice

          Why mental illness is on the rise?

          Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety in Real time

          How To Overcome Stress


          The Meaning Of Life

          Overcome Adversity And Thriving On Challenge

          Psychosomatic illness

          How to Overcome Anxiety

           The Power Of The Mind


           Loss and Grief

           How to Overcome Depression

           Anger Management

           How To Overcome Paranoia

           How To Forgive And Forget

           Death - How To Prepare For It

           Chronic Stress Effects On The Body

3. Brain Health

          Brain Health

          The Mind-Body Connection: Emotion and Neuropeptides

          Brain Obstacles for Success

          Mind and Body Connection


          The Law of Attraction & Willpower

          The Power Of The Mind



          Adult Neurogenesis

          Circadian Rhythm and Sleep

          Why We Sleep

          How to have a good night sleep

          Self-Identity and How to Change Habits

          Rules for Success

          Alzheimer’s Disease


          Belief Perseverance

          Confirmation Bias

          How To Overcome Laziness


          Emotional Intelligence

          How To Have A Successful Relationship

4. Spirituality



          How to End Suffering- The Buddha’s teaching

          No Self

          What is Awakening


          Relationship As A Spiritual Path

          Science And Buddhism