The Law of Attraction and Willpower

Dr Thanh-Tam Pham - 06/02/2022

Physicists have known that an electron will behave like a particle or a wave depending on how they measure it. Our body is formed of atoms with photons and electrons and 99.999999999 percent of an atom is empty space, but that space is not really empty. It is filled with energy. 

Thoughts are vibrations that cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt by our 5 senses. Similarly, there are waves of sounds or light waves that the human ears or eyes cannot register but other animals can. 

The law of Attraction

Like attracts like. Thoughts of love will attract to us the love of others. Thoughts of anger, hate, malice, envy, jealousy will draw to us the circumstances where those vile thoughts manifest. People generally make their own surroundings, although they often blame others for it, such as if you are nice to others, people will be nice to you… People who understand this law, can use this great power to achieve legitimate and worthy purposes in life. 

Thoughts are waves that can spread out over the great ocean of thoughts in the universe. Your general mental attitude determines the thought waves received from others. You receive only thoughts that are in harmony with your mental attitude and the thoughts that are not in harmony affect you very little as they awaken no response in you. If you believe strongly in yourself with confidence and determination, you are not likely to be affected by the negative thoughts of discouragement and failure emanating from the mind of other persons. In contrast, if these negative thoughts reach the mind of someone of low self-esteem, it will add to deepen their negative state and destroy their energy. 

When your mind is operating along positive lines, you feel strong, buoyant, bright, cheerful, happy, confident, and courageous. You send out strong positive thoughts which affect others to co-operate and follow your lead. When you are in contact with people, you can feel their vibrations such as depressing or invigorating. 

The “observer effect” showed that physical matter can’t exist or manifest until we observe it. The electron is a wave but becomes a particle when being observed. So, matter is constantly transforming, oscillating between manifesting into matter and disappearing into energy. The human mind, as the observer, is connected to the behaviour and appearance of matter so the subjective mind influences objective reality. If you can imagine a particular future event that you want to experience in your life, that reality already exists as a possibility somewhere in the quantum field, beyond this space and time, just waiting for you to observe it. From a quantum perspective, if you embrace a particular outcome and condition your body to believe, it was that future in the present moment, you can have a new future and observe it into reality. The entire universe is made of atoms being energy and possibility, that is there is a lot of potentials for you. (Dr Joe Dispenza in You are the Placebo). 


Development of the willpower is very much like the development of a muscle. It needs practice and gradual improvement. 

Most people are doing the work or behave unconsciously but those who are consciously following their own goals in life, they can become conscious creators of their own mentality and they can be masters of themselves and are no longer influenced by others’ suggestions and influences. Many people put off their Will and think vaguely to do it someday, but that someday may never come. They understand the power of the Will, but they do not have enough energy to perform. They tend to drift along with the tide unless some difficulty arises, some obstacle appears, or some pain stirs them into action and begin to accomplish something. The trouble is that they do not really want to do these things, or they are off track to do something else or they are not willing to pay the price of attainment, or they are just mentally lazy. As a rule, the greater the things you desired, the greater the price to be paid such as sacrifice in comfort, ease, leisure, and amusements. 

To help with maintaining your will, you can use affirmation and autosuggestion such as: “I am the master of my destiny”, “I am using my willpower to achieve it”.  With each repetition of the will, that thought is taking form into action and your will power is manifesting itself.  You can practice performing an unpleasant task cheerfully each day and it gives you a most valuable discipline. 

Fear and worry are the causes of much unhappiness and failures. Those who fear, really expect the feared thing to materialize in the future. The best way to overcome the habit of fear is to assume the mental attitude of courage, just as the best way to get rid of darkness is to let in the light. 

It is a waste of time to fight a negative thought because of its force or trying to deny it. The easiest and quickest method is to assume another positive thought in its place and constantly dwelling on that positive thought. Fear paralyses effort whereas courage promotes activity. The confident person attracts to himself just what is needed for his success. It is all in the mental attitude and not luck as he strongly believes “I can, and I will”. If he thinks “I can’t”, he certainly attracts failure, unhappiness, and sorrow. When fear is present there are cowardly suggestions “but”, “if”, “suppose”, “I’m afraid”, “what if”, “I can’t” …. Fear is the parent of worry, hate, jealousy, malice, anger, discontent, failure. Any task is difficult at first but when you keep persisting and you oppose fear, fear will grow weaker, and you will be stronger. Worry is the child of fear. It stands in the way of accomplishment and attainment. The future holds in store for you not only difficulties to be overcome, but also agents to help you in overcoming difficulties. Things adjust themselves. So, what is the use of using all your reserve force in fretting over future troubles, rather wait until troubles really come, and you will find that by storing up energy, you will be able to meet any sort of troubles that come your way. You do not need to fight worry; you just need to practice concentration on things right before you now and you will find that the worry thought has vanished. The mind can think of one thing at a time and if you concentrate upon a bright thing, the other thing will fade away. Learn to concentrate upon thoughts of an opposite character and you will have solved the problem. Bright, cheery, and happy thoughts attract bright, cheerful, and happy things to you, in contrast, worry drives them away. 

Asserting the life force into your work, your pleasures and into yourself by stop doing things in a half- hearted way and begin to take interest in what you are doing, saying, or thinking and you will experience much happiness. It is astonishing, how much interests you may find in the ordinary things of life if you will only wake up. There are interesting things all around you, interesting events occurring every moment, but you will not be aware of them unless you assert your life force and begin to live instead of merely existing. 

You can form a mental picture of yourself as filled of life and energy. If you find yourself feeling depressed, say “I am alive” and then take a few dep breaths and with each inhalation, let the mind hold the thought that you are breathing in strength and life. You must take interest in doing things and do not daydreaming that one day you can achieve the goal of your life. 


Training the subconscious mind or the habit-mind: 

You must be always on guard to prevent the forming of undesirable habits. In forming a new habit or breaking an old one, you must throw yourself into the task with as much enthusiasm as possible. You should be on guard against temptations to break the new resolution “just this once”, as each time you resist temptation, the stronger does your resolution become. 

Emotions deepen by repetition. If you allow a state of feeling to thoroughly take possession of yourself, you will find it easier to yield to the same emotion the second time, until the emotion becomes second nature to you. Each repetition renders the habit more entrenched and the task of dislodging it more difficult. Jealousy, envy, gossip, anger, uncaring, selfishness are all negative habits. Cultivate thoughts of kindness and act as kindly as possible to everyone you are in contact with, and you can develop loving kindness and compassion. 

You must love the things you wish to attain. Intense love will enable you to surmount the many obstacles placed in your path to achieve your goal. 

A lot of people have plenty of energy but lack in concentration towards the path of achieving their life goal. Energy without determination will go to waste as they will take up some trifling things of no interest or importance and waste so much energy to carry on the goal. Everyone has within them a giant Will, but the majority are too lazy to use it. 

Energy and invincible determination:

Successful people are not extraordinary, but they believe in themselves and make every effort counts. They learn to keep their mouth shut and avoid wasting and dissipating energy by trying to show off and let people know how smart they are. Instead, they store up energy and concentrate it upon the task at hand. Therefore, you do not undervalue yourself or overvalue others as you can be successful as well.

The law of Attraction and not chance:

The successful person believes in himself and in his ultimate success and paying no attention to little setbacks, stumbles and slips. He is not wishing, but he simply feels it and believes it and therefore he sets into operation the strongest forces known in the world of thought. Neuroscience has proven that you can change your brain and therefore your behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs just by thinking differently. You can make your thoughts so real that the brain changes to look like the event has already become a physical reality. The man who just steadily believes he is going to fail will invariably fail. 

There is no such thing as chance. There is plan and purpose, cause and effect. Life is not the result of chance; the law of thought attraction is operating. Your mind attracts the thoughts of others, which have been sent out by them consciously or unconsciously, and it attracts only those thoughts that are in harmony with its own. Like attracts like and opposite repel opposites in the world of thoughts. 

Therefore, to be successful and happy in life, set your mind to Courage, Confidence and Success. 



Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World by William Walker Atkinson.

You are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza.